Top 5 Windows 10 Hacks

Most of us use Windows 10. But these are just a few hacks that will make your user experience much higher.

Thank you @Exit_to_DOS, @guyrleech, @neilgarner, @teroalhonen & @OliveJuice404 (I already knew his hack)

1. Using Bluetooth to lock and unlock your PC This function lets you lock your PC every time your phone moves away. Best for people who really want privacy with their work. How to enable Dynamic Lock? a. Open Settings. b. Click Accounts c. Click Sign-in options. 4. Select the checkbox Allow Windows to detect when you're away and automatically lock the device. 2. Copying error text All of us experience Windows errors. We need to search online for help. But there's a way to copy the error text very easily. So all you need to do is: Press Ctrl+C 3. Toggle case of characters (only in Office) Sometimes we type in characters in the wrong case (i.e. Title Case, lowercase, uppercase) so this shortcut which works only in Office is very interesting. You just have to select the text and use the keys: Shift+F3 4. Type the date into Notepad in less then a second This is useful if you're maintaining a record/log of something. All you need to do is press the key: F5 5. Quick and easy way to reopen closed tabs in Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other apps. Sometimes we end up closing the wrong tab. So this shortcut is the right one for you. All you need to do is press the key combo: Ctrl+Shift+T

This may not work on pages like certain payment gateways because the info must be in the URL (a transaction ID) or else important data will be lost.

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