How to verify your WordPress website using Pinterest so that Pinterest users know that you’re a trustworthy source?

We all have wanted to have our website popular and Pinterest could be a good social networking site for this purpose. There’s a bonus tip at the end of this article, so stay tuned!

i) Open your Plugins section

ii) Click on Add New

iii) Click on the box showing”Search plugins…”
iv) Type in “Pinterest Verify” and hit Enter
v) Click on the Install button beside the plugin name
vi) Click on “Activate”
vii) Open the plugin settings.
viii)Open Pinterest
ix) Open Settings
x) Find the option for verifying your website using Pinterest.
xi) Choose the meta tag option
xii) Paste it in the WordPress plugin settings where it asks you for the meta tag
xiii) Save your options.

Bonus Tip: If the above method doesn’t work, do the following:
i) Open your hosting CPanel
ii) Click on File Manager
iii) Click on Upload
iv) Upload the file that Pinterest gave you. To know how to get that file, click here
Remember: Upload it in www_root or public_html
The above tip is important, so please read it.
Thanks for reading this article!

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