How to get the file that Pinterest gives you to verify your website?

We all want to verify our website using Pinterest using the Upload HTML file option. But how to get that file? Let’s find out!


i) Click on the three dots […]

ii) Select Settings

iii) Click on “Website”

iv) Click on “Verify website”

v) You will see a pop-up with many options like “Add HTML tag”, “Upload HTML file” and two more. Click on “Upload HTML file”

vi) Open your CPanel

vii) Open the www_root or public_html folder and click on “Upload”

viii) Upload the file that you just downloaded

ix) Click on the option showing “Check website” or something like that.After 24 hours, they will send you an email regarding information about whether they could find the file on your website or not.

You’re done!

You can know how to verify your WordPress website by clicking here

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